(Sigh) Called It…

January 20, 2017

It Sucks Being A Futurist…

…That Being Said;
The Ability To Forecast Is Hotly Sought After…

One’s Blessing Is Another Fool’s Curse.

Time Is of The Essence, So I Will Skip To The Chase:
Do Not Give In To Distraction.

Follow The Money, Not The Monkey.

The Media Is A Husk of It’s Formal Self.
Its Yolk Is Tied Too Tight To Tear Free, Unfortunately.

We The People Must Do Whut We Must:

Question Authority…
Stand For Something…
Or Fall For Anything, And Everything.


Planet Earf’s Material Realms Ought Not Despair.

We Are On Our Way… We Intend To Set Straight Our Shared Progress.

*BzZ-ZzZ*… That Is All…


One Luv.




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