The Neezie Pleaze Show
Episode 059:
“Stop Biting!”

August 27, 2015

Presenting “The Neezie Pleaze Show
Episode 059: “Paying Homage On How Not To Plagiarize” for your listening enjoyment.

*I’ll Explain Just WTF Happened To Episode 58 Next Week Via Episode 60!

The Neezie News:
+ Stop Biting Pleaze
+ Doppelgānger’s Beware…
+ Huff Post Praises Pilfered Poetry
+ Sensitive Writer Blocks Pleazie Via Twitter
+ Pleazie Stands His Ground

Pleazing To The Ear:
+ Neezie Pleaze: The Savage Sword = TBD…
+ The This or That’s: THESE ETA = Out Now Everywhere!

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