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Dearly Beloved…

April 21, 2016

We Are Gathered Here Today
To Get Through This Thing Called “LIFE”.

Electric Word, LIFE…

It Means Forever And That’s A Mighty Long Time,
But I’m Here To Tell You
There’s Something Else…

The Afterworld.

A World of Never Ending Happiness.
You Can Always See The Sun, Day Or Night.

So When You Call Up That Shrink In Beverly Hills
You know The One, Dr. Everything’ll-Be-Alright…

Instead of Asking Him How Much of Your Time Is Left,
Ask Him How Much of Your Mind, baby…

Cause In This LIFE,
Things Are Much Harder Than In The Afterworld

In This LIFE…
You’re On Your Own!

And If De-Elevator Tries To Bring You Down
Go Crazy… (Punch A Higher Floor!)

– Prince


Planet Earth’s Material Realms Have Lost An Incredible Instrumentally Inspirational, yet Indelible Individual…

While Planet Earth’s Ethereal Realms Have Gained A Powerfully Purple Ally.

*BzZ-ZzZ*… That Is All…




June 27, 2015

Peace & Love To My LGBT Fam Out There!

Congratulations On This Landmark Ruling!

Please (no pun) Pursue Your Happiness!

Love 1.



Get Off Me…
Keep Bang’n

May 22, 2015

Like Any Other Game, You Need To Gather Keys To Get Through Gates…

Also, You’ll Know You’re Approaching A New Stage In L.I.F.E. When You Come Across Lesser Enemies.

They’ll Actually Lead You To Your Next Quest. After That Comes Some Boss Fights.

Nigga, I Don’t Trip… I Just Pack Extra Ether, And Enjoy The Battle. ☥❦☥

Raise My Defenses, Watch My Flanks, And Level Up Cuz..↑




You Can Not Resist…
Join Us..!
The This Or That’s: THESE
Out Now!

May 18, 2015

There Is Nothing Wrong w/ Your Computer Monitor. Do Not Attempt To Adjust The Picture.

We The Visitors Are Controlling The Transmission… If We Wish To Make It Louder,

We Will Bring Up The Volume. If We Wish To Make It Softer, We Will Tune It To A Whisper.

We Will Control The Horizontal. We Will Control The Vertical. We Can Roll The Image,

Make It Flutter. We Can Change The Focus To A Soft Blur, Or Sharpen It To Crystal Clarity.

For Our Next Act, Sit Quietly And We Will Control All That You See And Hear. We Repeat:

There Is Nothing Wrong w/ Your Computer Monitor. You Are About To Participate In A Great Adventure.

You Are About To Experience The Awe And Mystery Which Reaches From The Inner Mind of —

The This Or That’s: THESE
iTunes Spotify
i♡Radio Slacker Radio
Rhapsody Shazam
Tidal, etc…