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Pleazie’s Poly-Sci

(Sigh) Called It…

January 20, 2017

It Sucks Being A Futurist…

…That Being Said;
The Ability To Forecast Is Hotly Sought After…

One’s Blessing Is Another Fool’s Curse.

Time Is of The Essence, So I Will Skip To The Chase:
Do Not Give In To Distraction.

Follow The Money, Not The Monkey.

The Media Is A Husk of It’s Formal Self.
Its Yolk Is Tied Too Tight To Tear Free, Unfortunately.

We The People Must Do Whut We Must:

Question Authority…
Stand For Something…
Or Fall For Anything, And Everything.


Planet Earf’s Material Realms Ought Not Despair.

We Are On Our Way… We Intend To Set Straight Our Shared Progress.

*BzZ-ZzZ*… That Is All…


One Luv.



Darth Cheney

December 18, 2014

Meanwhile, The Cybernetically Enhanced Darth Cheney

And His Consortium of Bush Cabinet Members In The Know…

(Even Those Who Took The Fall Like The Infamous Scooter Libby),

Are In My Opinion, And Understanding of The Law, All Complicit Players

In Creating An Atmosphere Ripe w/ Torture, w/ A Direct Impetus Focused On

Directing And Overseeing Torture, Down To The Two Creepy Montauk-esque

Psychologists That Earned Fucking $81 Million Dollars (of The Tax Payers

Money..! Your And My Money Paid Them To Do This, Keep In Mind)… Continue Reading…

Democrat Republican
Butter Battle Wars

November 13, 2014

… Punk Bitch Democrats Always Turn All

Puss In Boots, Minus Any of The Savoir Faire

From Fairy Tale, While Tuck’n Their Tails Between

Their Shaking Legs, Running For The Hills, Hiding, And Losing.

All Those Stats To Run On, But Mutherfuckers Run For The Hills Instead?

In Both The House, And The Senate?

How The Fuck You Gonna

Email Your Way To Victory, Democrats?

Continue Reading…

Pleazie’s Poly-Sci “White Guy” Dichotomy

November 6, 2014

… In The Spirit of Going 100% @ All Times,

Let Me Wrap It Up w/ A Bow And Present To You:

Pleazie’s Poly-Sci “White Guy” Dichotomy:

The Two Race of White Guys

You Have Your Type A:

Well, Whut You People Need Learn Is…

Race of White Guys.
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